When you think about building an online course, you often think to yourself that the biggest challenge would be something technical like designing the landing page, how to write a great headline, or how you’re going to market your course.

I know this because I’ve been there myself just a couple months ago.
But the reality is, the biggest challenge, and I mean THE BIGGEST, is getting yourself to the finish line.

It’s so easy to doubt yourself, tell yourself that you’re not good enough, your videos are recorded at home with no fancy studio setup and no one would ever buy the course from you.

These “noises” will be your biggest challenge and if you want to succeed (with your online course and with everything else you’ll do in life), you just got to push through it and get yourself to the finish line. Doesn’t matter if you need to drag yourself there, just make sure you get to the finish line!

I hope this helps you with your journey and wish you much success!

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