Want to stop having your business success depend on marketers like me, to run your Google Ads and charge thousands of dollars each year to do it when it’s really a skill that you can acquire in a single weekend?

If the answer is YES, then this course is for you!

My name is Lior Vaknin, I own a digital marketing agency that provides marketing solutions to local service business owners (locksmiths, garage door repair, roofers, HVAC cleaners, general contractors, etc) while managing millions of dollars per year in Ad Spent on Google AdWords.

And though my client’s results are at the highest levels in the industry in every metric possible (conversion rates, cost per clicks, CTR, ads ranking, and more), the price tag is sometimes too high for some folks who need it, but just can’t afford it.

That’s why I created Local Ads Mastery The most advanced Google Ads course ever created, specifically targeted for non-technical, local services business owners!

No dropshipping. No Amazon stores. No YouTube ads. Only what you as a local services business owner need to know in order to manage your campaigns at the highest levels.

In this course, I take you with me step by step as we build a live client’s campaign right from scratch, starting from creating an AdWords account, to performing a keyword research, to building campaigns/ad sets/landing pages, and much more.

No fancy slides. No 10,000ft strategies. No BS.

Only the juice and the things no other marketer in the world would tell you.

Now the real kicker here is that even if you’re the most non-technical person ever. Someone who barely knows how to turn on a computer.

You will still become an expert in Google AdWords over a single weekend.

Trust me, if I was able to train virtual assistants from the Philippines in a matter of hours, you can do it too!

There is no other course like this on the market and it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or you get your money back.

Want to learn more? Visit Local Ads Mastery Now – https://bit.ly/3HwJdhG