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Lior Vaknin

Who are you?

Lior Vaknin

A digital nomad, surfer, family man and a spiritual being. A self-taught kid with an endless love for self-study and learning about the world around me.

I started my journey in the digital marketing world in 2009 as a project manager at the first SEO agency in Israel. A year later I co-founded a boutique agency that provided digital marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the Israeli market.

Somewhere in 2012, me and two other partners have co-founded one of the world’s first social phone book app. It was called MeZeZe and we hit some amazing milestones (like 400K downloads in 4 months with $0 marketing budget) but that roller coaster ended and I moved on.

I came to the States at the end of 2013 with a different startup idea in mind, but you know how the saying goes, people make plans and God laughs.

And so it was, and all of a sudden I found myself creating one of the largest Israeli high-tech network communities in the US.

In 2017, after few surf trips to Central America and a huge question that resonates in my mind (“am I fulfilling my purpose in this world”), I decided to make a life-changing decision to leave everything I worked so hard for, buy an RV and do all 50 States of America.

I’m still fantasizing of writing a memoir of this crazy journey that took me 2 years of my life, brought me the love of my life and changed every perspective I had about everything 180°, but that’s a story for another time.

I currently live in the southern coast of Portugal with my wife and 2 kids, working on finding the perfect work/life balance.

My goal is to be the #1 business coach in the world, helping home service business owners learn how to generate leads themselves without ever needing marketing agencies again, and empower business owners to take control over their business success.

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